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期間:2020年4月1日~2020年4月30日 渋谷肉横丁2階の18店舗がそれぞれ自慢の肉丼メニューを期間限定でご提供いたします。 【渋谷肉横丁1丁目】 肉広場&寿「店員までお問い合わせください」 メキシカン酒場デビル...


期間:2020年3月1日~2020年3月31日 渋谷肉横丁2階の20店舗がそれぞれ自慢の肉丼メニューを期間限定でご提供いたします。 【渋谷肉横丁1丁目】 肉広場&寿「イベント限定!希少部位ザブトンを使用した丼」 メキシ...


期間:2020年2月1日~2020年2月29日 渋谷肉横丁2階の20店舗がそれぞれ自慢の肉鍋メニューを期間限定でご提供いたします。 【渋谷肉横丁1丁目】 肉広場&寿「鶏肉の白湯鍋」 メキシカン酒場デビル「メキシカンユカ...


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Wonder. Eat. Encounter.
It’s all here.

Japan’s largest alley where 28 meat-themed restaurants gather.

Since its opening in September 2010, Niku Yokocho has been loved by many as a place where the young generation come together. Over 500,000 customers visit annually for the delicious meat and exciting new encounters.
While it is located in the middle of the urban Shibuya Center Street(famous shopping arcade in Tokyo), it is a theme park where you can casually visit and enjoy the atmosphere of the Showa era.
Why not stop by after work for a drink and a bite?

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Floor Guide

Store List

We value creating a friendly atmosphere
where customers can feel close to others.

Unique and Famous Meat Restaurants Gather.

From yakiniku, hamburg steak, teppanyaki, yakitori, and other creative cuisines…
28 different restaurants each provide different meat dishes and atmosphere. Each restaurant put their best effort every day to create a friendly atmosphere for the customers to enjoy the Shibuya Niku Yokocho.
We hope you find your favorite place!
Sometimes the customers become friends and visit together the next time!

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Shibuya Niku Yokocho is located in a 4-minute walking
distance from Shibuya Station Hachiko Exit.

Shibuya Niku Yokocho is located in Chitose-kaikan 2/3F.

We guide you through scramble intersection and center street(basketball street). Please check access information.

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